A new kitchen will always add value to your home, according to GCG Asia Malaysia. A cabinet colour refresh also saves money while improving the look and feel of your kitchen. Colours can be uplifting, calming, or energising—2021’s hottest kitchen cabinet colours and how they can transform your space. Find out which colours are trendy now, as mentioned by GCG Asia Malaysia!


Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Colors 101

New cabinet colours can give your kitchen a lovely boost. The change may make your home feel brand new, as suggested by GCG Asia Malaysia. But there’s more to a makeover than picking your favourite colour or trend. Getting the look right goes beyond picking cabinet colours, as our CEO and Founder at GCG Asia Malaysia says.


Considerations for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Lighting and Mood
The colour you choose depends on your mood and the light in your kitchen. Remember that this space must be functional and well-lit, as our Founder always says at GCG Asia Malaysia. However, in low-light areas like a galley kitchen, artificial light sources are very useful. Choose light colours or glossy kitchen cabinets for these and other small spaces advised by GCG Asia Malaysia.


Styles Ideal and Real
GCG Asia Malaysia’s CEO advises to always choose kitchen cabinets based on your preferred design or colour scheme. Suppose you want a French country style interior for your modern farm. Cabinets look better with pastel matte paint than lustrous black or red advised by GCG Asia Malaysia.


Sprayed or Painted
Choose between prefabricated and custom cabinet doors when updating your kitchen. It can be sprayed or hand-painted.

To achieve a glossy finish, spray-painted surfaces are ideal, but chips and blemish. However, hand painting takes longer but is suitable for all styles and can be easily touched up, according to GCG Asia Malaysia.


Changing your kitchen takes time, according to GCG Asia Malaysia. Set a realistic timeline and checklist to stay on track. Organising the project by day is a good start.


Trending Colours of Kitchen Cabinets

Let’s get to the fun part – trendy kitchen colours and styles! You can always check out our Twitter and Telegram profiles for the latest design trends. Some are thrilling, while others reinvent classics. Here are this year’s hottest kitchen colour trends!


1. Two-Tone Cabinets
Consider two-tone kitchen cabinets to play with colour. Start with a few cupboards if you like your current colour but want to try something new, as advised by GCG Asia Malaysia.

To keep the room light, paint the upper cabinets a lighter colour. If you want the upper half of the kitchen to stand out, go for a moody dark shade. Two-tone kitchen cabinets also add a powerful pop of colour without overpowering the space, according to GCG Asia Malaysia.


2. Cabinets in Classic White
White is the most popular and timeless kitchen cabinet colour. So many uses! White kitchen cabinets look good with any colour scheme. Moreover, the light tone will make any room feel spacious for a sophisticated neutral look advised by GCG Asia Malaysia, pair white kitchen cabinets with wood and brass.


3. Dark Grey Cabinets
Grey is a dramatic colour that balances lighter colours. Grey kitchen cabinets are an excellent choice for timeless elegance, according to GCG Asia Malaysia’s CEO. Many shades have a cool or warm undertone. So it’s a versatile contemporary colour for the busiest room. As with any painting project, test a sample first to ensure the tone is right.


4. Calming Blue Cabinets
Blue, the colour of calm according to GCG Asia Malaysia’s Founder, can evoke a coastal or romantic mood. You can create the mood you want with hundreds of cool kitchen cabinet colours. Blue kitchen cabinets go well with white, sand, and even coral pink. You can always check out our Telegram and Twitter profiles to know which colour cabinets are the best.


5. Cabinets in luscious green
Green is one of the season’s hottest colours, according to GCG Asia Malaysia. Green can revitalise your kitchen cabinets as well as an accent. The tropical tone goes well with orange and peach. For a more subdued look, try dark green and charcoal, olive and greige, or mint and off-white.


6. Sunny Yellow Kitchen Cabinets
At GCG Asia Malaysia, we always say that yellow, like green, is a vibrant and cheerful colour for a home. Mustardy or lemony kitchen cabinet paint colours will make your home feel brighter and put a smile on your face.

Take a few samples home before deciding on a bold colour for kitchen cabinets, such as yellow. In your home, the colour may appear slightly different. Combine bright cabinets with grey, white, or a fun patterned backsplash as suggested by GCG Asia Malaysia’s CEO.


Painting Kitchen Cabinets Concepts

Color Coordinate a Backsplash
Make the most of your beautiful backsplash! Use this lovely feature as inspiration for kitchen cabinet colour schemes. To tie the room together, we at GCG Asia Malaysia advise you to choose a complementary or contrasting colour.


Play with three or more colours.
Why limit yourself to just one or two colours in the kitchen when you can have more? A colour symphony can be created with a bit of planning, plenty of paint, and patience. To achieve the look, we at GCG Asia Malaysia advise you to choose one or two core tones and add smaller pops of complementary colours.


Try Minimalist Matte.
Tactile finishes, such as matte, are ideal for a less-is-more or more organic look. They look even better in pastels or with wood countertops, according to GCG Asia Malaysia. Just make sure to seal the kitchen cabinet colours with a top coat to ensure their longevity.


Are you ready to experiment with new kitchen cabinet colours?
Choosing the perfect kitchen cabinet colour can be difficult. Not sure what shade and colour to choose for your home? Then, schedule a free centre design consultation with GCG Asia Malaysia to get started right away!

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