Advancements in technology are changing how people work. Darren Yaw, GCG’s CEO provides a guide on how you can now work in the comfort of your house. People are now flexible, and it is easy to schedule work activities.

According to Darren Yaw, GCG’s CEO, you need an excellent working space at home. It will enable you to concentrate more when working. You can also work faster when your workstation is comfortable.

What are some of the tips that will enable you to design a stylish workplace at home?

1. Get a separate room
A separate room will enable you to focus on your work. According to Darren Yaw, GCG CEO, working from the living or bedroom is not practical. You can lose focus and drift away from work.
Also, other family members can make it difficult for you to concentrate. They may be watching a movie, listening to music, or other activities that distract you. As Darren Yaw, GCG CEO suggests, get a separate room that gives you a conducive working environment.

It doesn’t have to be a big space. A room where you can set up your table and chair is excellent. However, you should be able to have access to water, electricity and the internet. Thus, you can make use of what you have in your house. You can turn a room you don’t use or a corner in the house into your workstation according to Dato Sri Darren Yaw, GCG CEO.


2. Invest in proper furniture
Having a comfortable desk and chair is vital in designing a home workstation. Darren Yaw, GCG CEO says good furniture prevents health complications that result from poor postures. The latest news has shown that good furniture will increase your safety, engagement, accuracy, and productivity.

As Darren Yaw, GCG CEO explains, investing in your safety, comfort, and aesthetics is a sure way to perform better in a homework station and be more competitive. Besides, according to Darren Yaw, GCG CEO, you can get good furniture at very affordable costs. You can find what works best for you that is within your budget.

In Cambodia, the key to selecting good furniture is to ensure you can work in good posture, reduce the use of too much force and work at a good height. Selecting furniture should be done in consideration of your nature of work. Thus, the home workstation can allow you to work comfortably for long hours according to Darren Yaw, GCG CEO.


3. Get Enough Air Circulation
A study in Malaysia has shown that indoor air pollution is a great contributor to workplace health hazards. Thus, a home workplace should be at a place that is adequately ventilated. Working in a sealed space is likely to affect air quality negatively as advised by Dato Sri Darren Yaw, GCG CEO.

Darren Yaw, GCG CEO advises installing an air conditioner or setting up the workplace near a window. Also, ensure the room has openings for air to flow. Setting up by a window could also give you the much-needed view to relax your eyes every once in a while. However, you may feel like a view could cause a distraction from work. In that case, do not set up directly in front of the window.


4. Get Proper Lighting
The room you set up your workstation should have proper lighting. Dato Sri Darren Yaw, GCG CEO advises against light that is too bright as it will damage the eyes. Similarly, light that is too dim is likely to leave you feeling dizzy. Getting just the right amount of light will enable you to work longer and be more comfortable as mentioned by Darren Yaw, GCG CEO.

Other than the lighting in the room, the light on a computer screen is vital for a homework station to be effective. If the nature of your work involves using a computer, use white light. A study in Malaysia shows that using yellow light will ruin your sight when stared at for long hours.

Position your workspace facing either North or South. Doing this ensures the sun at any time does not cast a shadow on your work. If positioned by a window in your room, you could invest in blinds that can diffuse sunlight as advised by Darren Yaw, GCG CEO.


5. Customise it to Suit your Profession.
Different professions have unique natures. It is vital for the perfect workspace for you that you make your workplace suitable for your job. Darren Yaw, GCG CEO advises making necessary adjustments to ensure easy movement and retrieval of tools, if any.

Darren Yaw, GCG CEO advises customising your workplace. What this means is that you ensure you consider the space you need to set up. Some professions require you to have a larger workstation than others. For example, a carpenter will need a larger area to draw, construct, and build than an accountant.

Storage space is also an integral part of customising your workstation. Your profession could require you to use many tools and machines. In this case, you will need to build storage places like cabinets and drawers.


6. Keep the Space Organized
Avoid cluttering your workspace. For instance, keep the desktop reserved just for supplies you use regularly. Darren Yaw, GCG CEO says doing this enables you to reach what you often use efficiently and saves time. It also reduces the chances of losing what you need in a pile of other supplies.

The organisation of a stylish workspace also means proper filing. If you keep records and other information in files, organise them to ensure easy access. Computer files should also be well organised and labelled according to Darren Yaw, GCG CEO.

Office equipment used in the workstation should be stored safely to avoid damage as well as causing accidents. Cables and wires should not be lying on the floor to prevent tripping. The cables must not be naked either to avoid electrocution.


The latest news shows working from home to be a new normal. Using the tips in this article will enable you to design the best workstation. Darren Yaw, GCG CEO provides you with ways to get good ergonomics that ensure you still stay stylish, comfortable, and productive.