Do you think some of the rooms of your home look dark and gloomy? Are you fond of having a lightened room full of natural sources of light? Is your home interior suitable enough for this purpose? If not, you should plan to change or rearrange your interior to ease the path of entering natural lights into your room. In this regard, this article based on the latest news of GCG Asia Cambodia can help you effectively.

Being a renowned interior design company, GCG Asia Cambodia, with some expert CEOs of various companies, have researched a lot to provide you with some easy tricks to add natural light to your home. If you are eager to fix your home interior to have natural light, this article can remove all of your confusion regarding the right time and way of adding natural light. Let’s have a quick look to solve your problems.

10 tips of GCG Asia Cambodia

Our home looks different in different seasons. In the Asian subcontinent, various countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore have different seasonal intervals that affect the look of our home. It’s not possible for you to change the whole interior every season to fit in the look. You can follow some useful instruments that GCG Asia Cambodia has shared for your interior.

The lighting system is one of the core parts of an interior design for any kind of home. Various sources of light contribute various purposes to give a preferable look to your home. Not all companies have the efficiency and proper knowledge to render you the perfect look with the suitable natural light that you desire for your home. GCG Asia Cambodia can be a great companion for you in this sector. Here are 10 selective tips provided by GCG Asia Cambodia to add natural lights to your home.

Liberate your windows from unnecessary stuff

As windows are the main entrance of natural lights, you should be careful of stuff that may clog natural lights. If your windows have bars or are furnished with heavy curtails, remove them instantly. That may obstruct the maximum amount of light from getting through. Free up your windows and furnish them with light curtains. GCG Asia Cambodia suggests you use white curtails to enlighten your interior. It will increase the entrance of natural light. Sometimes dust and filths can also make an extra layer on the surface of your windows that will prevent the natural lights. GCG Asia Cambodia added to give your windows and glass doors a thorough clean on a regular basis so that natural lights can enter your home as much as possible


Paint the walls with suitable colours

As to the opinions of GCG Asia Cambodia, walls full of deep colours imbibe light and make your room dark. On the other hand, mild colours tend to reflect it. Therefore painting your walls white or light greys or cream colours is a great way to utilise the natural light that filters through your home’s windows. This can provide you with an illusion of more light and helps the people prefer cooler tones with spacious looks. GCG Asia Cambodia reminds you to be careful to stick to the light shade of colours, the opposite of which will affect what you’re looking for.


Using a shiny and reflective surface

GCG Asia Cambodia found that reflective floor surfaces can be very effective in creating a shiny interior space. You can apply this approach by using white tile floors and well-shined hardwood flooring. Use the light carpets that match the floor colour properly and try to avoid carpets with heavy colours. Besides, selecting furniture and accessories with a reflective surface can help sprinkle light. For this purpose, you can use metallic, glass and mirrored accessories. This will also help to add stylish touches throughout the home.


Arranging furniture strategically

This is another easy but fruitful way to add natural light expressed by GCG Asia Cambodia. By angling your furniture towards the light to ease the sun reflection, you can enlighten your room a little more. This will be more effective if your furniture is light in colour.


Expand and utilise your yards

As per GCG Asia Cambodia, another valuable way to consume the light of nature is embracing your yard and your porch. When you keep the doors open, the light reflecting on the vast yard will also enlighten your room. Though this is not always possible for the urban and industrial areas of Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore or other countries, you can try it by integrating your house with your yard to have a fair share of sun.


Eject the foliages and remove other obstruction

As stated before, the obstacles that may hamper natural light coming must be eradicated from both inside and outside the home. Including the inner stuff from window areas, make sure to remove the trees or shrubbery around your home. Though you may be obsessed with their natural beauty, you can cut them down with proper shapes and design so that they can’t hamper your share of the sunlight. GCG Asia Cambodia advised you to trim your surroundings’ shrubs strategically or remove the most disturbing branch and make space for more light without decimating your trees completely.


Using glass surfaces instead of wood and bricks

According to the tips of GCG Asia Cambodia, there is an amusing suggestion to multiply the amount of natural light. You can replace the wall of your interior composed of wood, brick, or plaster with glass. That will undoubtedly increase natural light. You can choose glass doors to avoid the wooden ones if you are unable to change a huge portion. This is a far cheaper and convenient proposition also used in kitchen designs and other interior spaces to get natural light.


The benefit of having a skylight

You can successfully maximise your natural light by installing skylights in bathrooms, walk-in closets, and hallway corridors. GCG Asia Cambodia remarks to select a convenient design to avoid much sun.


Picking up the height of the roof

If it is possible for you, then knock down your ceilings and eliminate your attic to make the common areas taller. This will help you to make your room more spacious and thus more natural light can enlighten your home.


Increase and maximise mirrors

Mirrors are a great reflective material used to increase light. You can maximise the size of existing mirrors and install more mirrors onto opposing walls. GCG Asia Cambodia alerts you to be more careful to position these mirrors to forgo the opposite result.

This is all about what GCG Asia Cambodia has shared on its latest news about adding natural light to the interior. Being a fan of the light and airy design style, it’s like a punishment to live in a home that is lacking in natural light. GCG Asia Cambodia understands your suffering and provides 10 effective tips so that you can enjoy your dwelling to the fullest.

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