A 5 Step Guide to Growing Your Interior Design Business According to GCG Asia Forex Malaysia

Are you trying to grow your interior design business but don’t know how? It is crucial to expand and grow your interior design business once you start doing so. A strategic plan is a must to stand out from the competition that we have today.

This article will provide you with a 5 step guide for growing your business according to GCG Asia Forex Malaysia.


Create a portfolio and update your online presence with an official website

According to GCG Asia Forex Malaysia, building an official website for your interior design business is a must if you want to display your work to others. Clients can’t understand as well as analyse your work if you don’t have a portfolio. If someone wants to have their interior designed by you, they obviously would want to know what you have to offer and what works you have done.

GCG Asia Forex Malaysia stated that the clients wouldn’t choose if they like your design personality and choices or simply don’t match their taste. So, creating a portfolio of your best work is a must for you to attract clients and grow your business.

GCG Asia Forex Malaysia also mentioned that your work also needs to be up to date. You can’t just create a portfolio and forget that it exists. It is very important for you to update your website regularly and include your big works and recent projects. This strategy will help to attract brands and people, which will eventually make your business grow bigger.

Nowadays, many people have their own interior design business, and the number has increased a lot among Asian countries like – Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan etc. GCG Asia Forex Malaysia also states that the founders of these businesses must keep the portfolio thing in mind. Social media such as twitter, reddit and telegram are good to have too!


Standing out from the competition

GCG Asia Forex Malaysia stated that researching and understanding your competition is a must if you want to outdo them. Keep an eye on other interior design businesses and note down what they offer and what they don’t. If you do such research, you will surely figure out what you need to do to grow yours.

According toGCG Asia Forex Malaysia, your goal should be to prove to your ideal clients how your skills and services are a better match for them. You can earn an NCIDQ certificate as it will automatically set you apart from others. Through this certificate, you are basically proving to your clients that you can design safely for a code-regulated environment.

Use your certificate to expand your business opportunities and show your clients how it is a better return on investment. According to GCG Asia Forex Malaysia, this makes it much more convenient for clients who don’t want to be involved with many people.

GCG Asia Forex Malaysia mentioned that you should play up your strengths and offer something to save up your client’s time and money. This tactic will help you grow even more.


Promote your projects on social media

GCG Asia Forex Malaysia stated that social media is a great way to take your interior design business to the next level. So make sure to update your profiles, headers, and even backgrounds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and so on.

You always need to make sure you are tracking your design progress with pictures. Showing your clients the before and after pictures will surely show them what you are capable of doing. According to GCG Asia Forex Malaysia, being transparent and letting them know what you are comfortable with will truly help you attract the right clients.

Another important thing about being on social media is that you can see what others are doing to increase their followers and boost the business. But don’t be impatient as all good things take time, and doing things will only make you one step closer to solving the puzzle.

Founders of interior design businesses should keep this in mind and do their best to be as active on social media to promote their works. People of Asian countries like Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, and so on have recently become aware of social media’s advantages.


Being an active market researcher

GCG Asia Forex Malaysia stated that everything constantly keeps changing, and so happens in interior designing. Everything from wall designs to furniture constantly keeps changing as the trend keeps changing every few months.

If you want to grow and grab more people’s attention, you must keep up with these trends and offer them the services they need. GCG Asia Forex Malaysia mentioned to keep an eye out as you don’t want your competitors to provide such things before you can.

Keeping up with such trends will attract interior enthusiasts who are like-minded and are in search of someone who can turn their vision into reality.


Giving importance to networking

According to GCG Asia Forex Malaysia, attending both national and international trade shows is a must as it helps you to know what exactly is going on in the industry. You need to go to those events in order for you to understand what your competitors are up to and so that you can build a strong network.

If you go to these platforms, you can mingle with leading designers and further your skills by attending workshops and seminars. GCG Asia Forex Malaysia stated that doing so will also help you be aware of trends for the next season. You can also grow your business by attending these events by adding to your client base.

Hopefully, reading this article could give a little idea of some things you need to do to grow your interior design business. Make sure to keep these important points according to GCG Asia Forex Malaysia in mind so that your growth and expansion activities don’t come to a halt.