Our dining rooms are the beating heart of our houses. These are the places where we gather with family and friends to have good times and engage in all types of entertainment. A lovely dining room that represents your taste and style can make the experience much more enjoyable.

According to Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO, whether it is a stand-alone room or part of an open concept, our dining area should be practical, functional, and beautiful. To get you started, here are six tips from Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO:


Allow the Architectural Details of Your Home to Guide You
As per Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO, you should always choose wood and fabric styles that complement the déecor of your home. It will give your room personality and create a statement.

Go ahead and get a glass and chrome dining set if you have a magnificent stone farmhouse. To keep the design contained in the dining area, Darren Yaw proposed adding some French doors.


Choose Your Furniture
Consider how you will use your dining room when selecting furniture. If youngsters are eating there, you should use child-friendly furniture. Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO picked a less expensive table and chandelier to counteract the cost of these premium pieces of furniture.

Choose a table that can withstand wear and tear if you plan to entertain frequently in your dining area. To put it another way, do not pick a table that is so delicate that it makes you uncomfortable every time someone places a water cup on it.

First, choose your table and chairs, then accent pieces- such as your buffet. You do not have to get all of your furnishings from the same place. Take your time and look for one-of-a-kind items that complement each other but are not made of the same wood or have the same texture.


Use a Variety of Furniture Styles
You do not necessarily have to have a classic table with six matching seats; interior design has come a long way. Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO, proposes mixing and matching dining furniture in many ways. Another alternative is to have the same chair on three sides of the table and then a long, upholstered bench on the fourth side. Mix three different types of chairs to get even more inventive.

Furniture is not the only thing that we should mix. We may mix different wood colours as long as they have the same undertone, according to Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO. As long as the patterns and fabric colours fit the colour wheel principles, you can mix and match them. It is only a matter of thinking beyond the box.

Your home is such a soothing environment that it should represent your individuality. According to Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO, you must devote time and effort to defining your desired design style.


Find the Perfect Rug For Your Dining Table
People can define your dining room by an area rug. Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO, recommends rugs that are easy to clean. Also, make sure you obtain the correct size rug. If the rest of the space tends to be neutral, the dining room is the perfect area to add a patterned rug if you do not have a pattern on your walls.

According to Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO, the dining room area rug should be large enough to fit around the table and chairs with around 2 feet of extra carpet. If the eating room does not allow for a large enough rug, it is preferable not to have one at all under the table.

When the dining areas are all open-concept, there is sometimes a lack of space. The dining room rug should not spill into other spaces, according to Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO.


Light Fixtures
Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO, advises his clients to use a dimmer switch to manage the primary light in any dining area. When you need to clean or set up the dining area, it allows you to turn the light up to full strength. When you want to create a more intimate atmosphere, lower the light.

Sometimes, in older homes or dining rooms with high ceilings, you can use cove lighting. This style of placed lighting creates a pleasing glow around the room’s perimeter.

Wall sconces, according to Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO, function well as accent lighting in dining rooms. They fit into every room and, when combined with candlelight, can create a romantic mood.


Finally, Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO also recommends lamps adding a buffet or sideboard. Buffet lamps are slightly taller than table lamps.

Dining room wall decor
It is your area because of your unique taste. As per Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO, the art in your dining room should be something you enjoy. All you need to know is the dimensions of the walls so that your art selections can fit.

Assemble the parts you have for the area you have and go over your choices. Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO, frames these parts with a unique glass that helps to protect the image from sun damage. For dining rooms, there are numerous art display alternatives. Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO, suggests considering a gallery wall, large mirror, patterned wallpaper, a large mirror, chalkboard, a green wall, photographs of family members, typography artwork, shelves, a plate collection, large plant, or a pattern that combines two or more motifs.

The last piece of art you hang in a room should be the artwork. Before you start decorating, make sure your area rug, hutch, cabinet, tables, chairs, and lighting are all in place. Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO, says not to be scared to incorporate mirrors and sculptural elements into your design.

Last but not least, decide on the hue of your paint. You do not want your paint colour to dictate your colour pallet; instead, you want your design to dictate it and your colour to compliment it. If you have an open floor plan, Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO, suggests using the same paint colour in the significant areas of your home to keep the look coherent.

According to the latest news, Decor GCG Asia, an interior design firm, has grown in popularity for its decorating advice throughout Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore. We hope that this post has provided you with some inspiration and confidence in your ability to arrange your dining room on your own. If you are short on time and need some decorating help, Darren Yaw, Decor GCG Asia’s CEO, is here to help.