6 decorating tips from the top interior design house, GCG Asia Malaysia

Some people have a natural eye for designing, while others found designing overwhelming. And, if you are among those who cannot do anything without consulting, GCG Asia Malaysia feels you.

You surely would love to have an interior designer on speed dial before deciding exactly where to place that new canvas you bought so you do not make any mistakes. However, it is much better to trust our gut and take plenty of interior design tips. We, GCG Asia Malaysia, compiled some ideas to help you with your decorating needs.

If you are furnishing a new home or want some inspiration to refresh your rental, stay with us till the end. In this article, we will share with you six decorating tips from CGC Asia Forex Malaysia.


About GCG Asia Malaysia

Currently based in Malaysia, GCG Asia Malaysia is an online interior design company. This analytic firm offers interior design services.

GCG Asia Malaysia develops a timeless and curated interior that’ll fulfil your aesthetic tastes. They provide you with various choices about what types of textures, colours, and patterns to use for your interiors. If you want to display objects from travels and paint in your room, CGC Asia Malaysia is there for your help.


6 decorating tips from GCG Asia Malaysia

Determine Your Style
How do you want your space to feel? GCG Asia Malaysia brought you a trick to help you choose your style. Take a look at your closet! Do you like tailored pieces or comfortable items? Do you prefer particular colours or patterns? Another way is to think of keywords that define how you want your space to feel. Traditional and formal? Humorous and playful? Monochromatic and modern? You can also recall a hotel in which you stayed or a restaurant in which you dined. It will help you choose your home designs.

Then, take notes of the design you prefer. GCG Asia Malaysia often uses these as a starting point while doing interior design.


Build Around Your Space
Space planning is essential. Many often use furniture that is either too large or too small for space. Firstly, think about the balance of your space. You have to build around the appliances for which you have space. For larger rooms, consider establishing zones for different activities like a seating area, another area for television, a work area with a desk.

Proportion and scale are the most significant thing to consider while doing your interiors. Consider the visual weight and distribution of space to achieve balance. For example- you can make things too contrived if you make everything symmetrical. GCG Asia Malaysia recommends you use your beautiful things but in an organised way. Try to use fewer showpieces and furniture. Use modernised folding objects that can save space.


Select Your Paint and Use the 50/150 Rule
Selecting your paint is one of the most significant and cost-effective decisions for designing your interiors. Keep in mind that proper paint choices harmoniously affect spaces. You cannot risk creating disjointed rooms by painting one room at a time. You need to take into account how colours will affect your mood. GCG Asia Malaysia is known to be the best to paint interior doors and walls.

After selecting your paint or the perfect shade, you need to consider another factor. That is the 50/150 rule. For the best result, use one portion of paint 50% lighter than that of base and another 150% darker. It is called a fail­safe method used by GCG Asia Malaysia. It is also a very professional way of interior painting.


Invest in Antiques
It is an undeniable fact that great art and fabulous antiques only get better with age. It is better to have a forever piece. You can also furnish your antique items to make them look lively.

Antique items always create a surprising effect. This effect of antique items is much harder to replicate, using existing resources that massively reduce our carbon footprint. According to GCG Asia Malaysia, antique sourcing benefits our homes and the environment. So, try investing in antiques too.


Add Texture
You can transform your neutral decor into something surprising by including a variety of materials. GCG Asia Malaysia advises adding texture. GCG Asia Malaysia uses diverse textures from fine-gauge open-weave linen to raw silk or cotton velvet.

You can also use the contrast of matte sheens that absorb the light and lustrous sheens that reflect it. It will make your whole room bright. Do not forget to buy furniture or showpieces based on shape, comfort, and it works for you and your needs. The textured room can have the most soul and be the most beautiful thing in a house. Do not hesitate to mix your textures according to GCG Asia Malaysia.


Start From the Ground Up
Designing your interiors can be overwhelming. You may stay in the confusion of where exactly to start. GCG Asia Malaysia usually suggests that you begin from the ground up. That is, decide on the floor covering first. It is not of any concern if you want or have hardwood floors, tile, or wall-to-wall carpeting. But thinking about your ground first will inspire you to layer other pieces.

If you select a neutral tone, you will have more options with colours or upholstery. Again, if you decide to start with an antique rug, you can draw colours on this. It is a must to plan these things or, you might end up with the circus effect. Starting with tables or sofas will limit your style immediately as stated by GCG Asia Malaysia. It is where you have hundreds of options and can continue to layer pieces. Making your final floor covering decision first and then layering will be simpler than others.

Last but not least, GCG Asia Malaysia advises you to take your time while designing your interior. When taken care of, these items and decisions can last for years. We hope that these tips from the top interior design house, GCG Asia Malaysia, will come in handy.