GCG Asia Withdrawal Procedure on Top 10 Outdated Design Trends

Your interior design style reflects your inner personality. As you spend most of your time at home, it should be a place of comfort and relaxation. So, your living space should have a lively and spirited design; you should avoid following outdated design trends.

To help you identify your old-fashioned decor, GCG Asia Withdrawal Procedure, an interior design company, has withdrawn ten outdated design trends. Stay with us till the end if you are interested.


GCG Asia’s Withdrawal Procedure of Outdated Design Trends
Magnolia walls: Magnolia paint is a buttery cream yet a neutral hue colour. It is named after the vanilla petals of the plants. In the 80s and 90s, magnolia paints were present on almost every wall in every home. Sometimes, they matched with every piece of furniture. However, Darren Yaw, founder of GCG Asia Withdrawal Procedure states that this colour is now quite outdated. He suggested painting your walls in Scandi white or soft paint for a neutral and clean finish.


Tile countertops:
GCG Asia Withdrawal Procedure shows the trend of tile countertops are not in anymore. Even though tile countertops were very admirable, they are not modern or stylish interiors anymore. Moreover, the grout of tile countertops acts as a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria. If you still have tiled countertops, the GCG Asia withdrawal procedure would suggest you switch to natural stone counters. Concrete counters look ravishing as well.


Wicker furniture:
Anything woven is called wicker. Rattan constitutes indoor wicker furniture. But, wicker is not a material; it is the weaving process of strands of Rattan. Wicker furniture usually tends to reflect a beach theme as linen sofas. In your home, these types of furniture can look tacky due to their texture. Their look suits outward space much better than interiors. The GCG Asia withdrawal procedure recommends giving up using wicker furniture.


Popcorn ceilings:
Popcorn ceiling is also known as a stipple ceiling or acoustic ceiling. Usually, these ceilings have a variety of spray-on or paint-on treatments. Its speciality lies in its bumpy surface. Tiny particles of vermiculite or polystyrene constitute this type of surface. Even though these rough or ball-shaped designs give the ceiling sound-deadening properties, popcorn ceilings are not trendy anymore. It also does not suit the interior decors of your house. GCG Asia withdrawal procedure would suggest you not use popcorn ceilings because this feature dates the room and makes it look unappealing.


Heavy drapery:
Usually, heavy drapers were used by many during the ’70s to maintain privacy. It used to be accompanied by valances and matching tiebacks. GCG Asia withdrawal procedure states that heavy curtains look bulky and formal. Nowadays, simple draperies are in the trend. Window treatments can enhance our home, so GCG Asia withdrawal procedure suggested hanging the curtain rods higher than your usual window edge. Doing so will give an illusion that your windows are floor to ceiling in an airy room.


Glass block walls:
The glass block wall interior was very appreciable during the 80s. It used to offer a level of privacy and allow a steady light flow. Nevertheless, GCG Asia withdrawal procedure has stated them as bulky. According to the GCG Asia withdrawal procedure, a simple curtain or glass door is more lightweight and delivers privacy and light flow. It is an undeniable fact that glass block walls are risky and need to be highly maintained. There was always a risk of breaking the glass walls. So to avoid this problem, it is better to use simple curtains or modern glass doors that do not break easily.


Word art:
We all agree that the word art was a trend that has been around for years. But we can not be stuck with wood motif options for our interior space. Not to mention, generic plaques reading “Home” placed around your rooms lack character. In this decade, generic plaques are nothing but full of tackiness. The GCG Asia withdrawal procedure recommends choosing something that fits with the overall aesthetic of your room. You also have to match it with the rest of the furniture. It is high time we should get rid of the outdated interior trends.


Barn doors:
In the early 2010s, Barn doors exploded onto the interior design making a huge scene. They were the premium trends at that time. But they do not retain that popularity as we head further into the 2020s. This type of interior might look good if they are in the right place in the room. Unsurprisingly, for most of the country, barn doors are out of place and considered too contrived. If you are looking for a space-saving door, GCG Asia withdrawal procedure would advise you to use a pocket door that slides into the wall. These are more functional and take up zero wall space. French doors that open outward and feature large panes of glass; are also a good choice.


Matching furniture sets:
Darren Yaw, the founder of GCG Asia withdrawal procedure, said that matching furniture sets is considered unfashionable. Even though matching sets were appreciable a long time ago, these do not look quite good now. Identical furniture or matching sets fail to showcase a personal style. Many interior designing companies consider matching sets as a design flaw. Instead of buying a complete set for your room, you might want to consider selecting non-matching pieces with complementary colours or designs. Doing these, you surely will love the result more than that of sull same designed furniture.


Accent walls:
An accent wall has different paints than the others in a room. This trend started as a way to make one’s home look more attractive. But the GCG Asia withdrawal procedure thinks that the age of the accent wall is drawing to a dead end. Generally, accent walls look childish and distracting. You can look for monochromatic walls that blend seamlessly with the decor. It will help you get rid of the startling drama of an accent wall.

GCG Asia withdrawal procedure’s opinion on these untrendy designs is avoided by many countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, and more. This article is all about giving you ideas to re-decor your interiors and say goodbye to your outdated interior design. We hope these ten tips from the GCG Asia withdrawal procedure will come to your help.